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During the past few months the itinerary workshop Thought & Practice has brought us to Marseille, Beirut and Cairo to meet researchers and cultural actors facing unprecedented political and social situations before travelling to Casablanca from the 22 to the 24 January 2015. This stopover was aimed at deepening our knowledge of Moroccan cultural actors and their work, and at questioning cultural practices both in their local and national dimensions and the links they forge between the Mediterranean shores.

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In Casablanca, the T&P collective has therefore addressed the following issues:
– What are the enabling conditions for cultural life in our countries?
– What are the indicators of an open and democratic cultural, educational and artistic ecosystem in the current context?
A discussion on the possible application of the concept of “enabling environment” to the cultural, artistic and educational fields took place.

During the Casablanca meeting, the T&P collective wished to focus on concrete cultural actions such as that of the Carovana association from Cagliari, Sardinia ( presented by the association’s director, Ornella D’Agostino and that of Dabateatr from Rabat ( presented by Jawad Essounani, its artistic director.

A morning session was devoted to the Diagnostic et Etat des lieux de l’art et de la culture au Maroc (Diagnosis and Inventory of the Artistic and Cultural Sector in Morocco) led by the Racines association of Casablanca chaired by Aadel Essaadani over the past three years.

We have also visited independent cultural spaces in order to better understand their functioning, their difficulties and successes and see how they engage with the social fabric and the district where they are located. Hassan Darsi has welcomed the T&P collective at the l’Atelier de la Source du Lion (, Nisrine Chiba at the Espace Darja ( and Mohamed el Hassouni, at the Théâtre nomade currently situated at the Abattoirs (

A debriefing meeting took place at the end of these exchanges and enabled us to identify some areas of work for the coming months. The T&P collective therefore suggests:
– To work on discourse, language and argumentation as this would be useful for our future battles.
– To organise a next meeting in Greece.
– To pursue and reinforce our exchanges thanks to the blog that needs to be reviewed.
– To give more importance to artistic expression and poetry in particular in our exchanges.

In line with these areas of work, the T&P collective launched a call for short and simple papers enabling to feed and deepen our reflections and links.

List of participants:

Samy ABDELGUERFI / Alger / Independent Journalist, Arterial Network
– Héla AMMAR / Tunis / Visual Artist
André AKUTSA / Marseille / Advisor, Noria-DP
– Isaías BARREÑADA / Madrid / Political Scientist, University of Madrid
Ornella D’AGOSTINO / Cagliari / Choreographer, Dancer, Producer, Carovana, Suono-Movimento-Immagine
– Claudine DUSSOLLIER / Paris, Marseille / Geographer, Author, Multimedia and Cultural Projects Manager, TransversCité
– Hassan El GUERETLY / Cairo / Theatre Director, El Warsha Theatre Troupe
Aadel ESSAADANI / Casablanca / Chairman, Association Racines
Jawad ESSOUNANI / Casablanca / Artistic Director, Dabateatr
– Elizabeth GRECH / Paris / Translator, Project Manager, René Seydoux Foundation
Florian GUEGUEN / Paris / Student, Project Manager, University Paris 1, René Seydoux Foundation
Hicham HOUFAIDA / Casablanca / Independent Journalist, Publisher
Limam KANE / Nouakchott / Artist, Music Producer, ZAZA Productions
Driss KSIKES / Casablanca / Dramatist, Journalist, Teaching fellow
Marc MERCIER / Marseille / Filmmaker, Director, Instants Vidéo
– Kenza SEFRIOUI / Casablanca / Independent Journalist, Association Racines
Sana TAMZINI / Tunis / Artist, Teaching fellow, Arterial Network
– Giovanna TANZARELLA / Paris / General Delegate, René Seydoux Foundation
Gerarda VENTURA / Roma / Association Con.Me., Euromed Platform


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