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From the 7 to 11 November 2013, Claudine Dussollier, Giovanna Tanzarella, Elizabeth Grech and Hela Ammar attended the international and itinerary video art festival organised by Marc Mercier and Naïk M’Sili, directors of the Instants vidéo poétiques et numériques association (Marseille) and founding members of the T&P collective. Several artists and cultural operators were interviewed.

Round table Instants vidéo 11-11-14

Round table Instants vidéo 11-11-14

The heart of the festival took place at the Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseille, but many video moments are organised in different parts of the world with the complicity of artists and image activists. This year, the festival travelled to Japan, Belgium, Egypt and Palestine. This year’s edition celebrated the 50th anniversary of video art with a reference made to its founders from the Fluxus movement to Nam June Paik. Many video artists and operators were invited including Marc Henine (painter, exhibitions specialist at the Biblioteca Alexandrina, Alexandria), Marianne Strapatsakis (video artist, Corfou), Majid Seddati (video artist and director of the International Digital Arts Festival of Casablanca), Rania Stephan (filmmaker, Liban), Rokshad Nourdeh (artist, Iran) and Nisrine Boukhari (All Art Now, Syria),…

Together with these persons invited, the Thought and Practice collective participated to the round table on “Cultural cooperation at a time of Mediterranean revolutions” that took place on the 11 November.

These few days have enabled us to interview several artists and cultural operators. This work was continued two weeks later on the occasion of Hiwarat, an event dedicated to contemporary Arab theatre writing, the Trans Europe Halle meeting on the power of culture in social change ( ) and the 20th edition of the Rencontres d’Averroes ( ).

At the Rencontres d’Averroès, the T&P collective participated to the opening conference “Athens, Cordoue, Jerusalem. A shared or denied heritage? and to the round tables “the Mediterranean, liquid continent or fractured ensemble?”, “feminine-Masculine, freedom or/and domination?” and “the creative Mediterranean, art in the city”.
At the TEH meeting, T&P participated to the debate on policy of the art spaces with Samah Hijawi of Makan (Jordan), Vahid Evazzadeh (filmmaker and theatre director) and moderated by Ahmed el Attar, independent theatre director and founder of the Studio Emad Eddin and founding member of the T&P collective.

Thus, in November 2013, Marseille was the space for intense moments of exchange around issues related to cultural exchanges in Europe and the Mediterranean, of confrontation with different artistic, philosophical, historical and political approaches with participants coming from all the countries involved.


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