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Cultural Exchanges in the Mediterranean: Thought and Practice

In times of crises, we need to understand, to share the analysis of the situation of our societies both in the North and in the South of the Mediterranean. Profound economical and political changes have shaken our countries and our perspectives have become uncertain, troubled and sometimes incomprehensible. The desire to create links between our countries has been challenged. The analyses put forward by the media seem to be more unsatisfactory than ever. This is the reason why we propose to take the time to reflect collectively with persons that are both committed in social, cultural and artistic practices and at an intellectual level.

The René Seydoux Foundation (Paris) has gathered a small number of people to form a working group composed of cultural actors, researchers, artists, men and women of experience and commitment. Our work consists of clearing the ground, formulating questions and imagining new paths and actions in view of the current situation and the on-going changes brought by the economic crisis and the Arab revolutions. Above all, the impact of these changes on our work will be addressed.

The working group meets regularly with the following objectives:
– To achieve a better understanding of the realities in our changing countries.
– To question the certainties and the obviousness existing in our relationships with others.
– To address the current issues related to exchange between the two Mediterranean shores.
– To question practices of exchange in the artistic and intellectual fields.
– To review projects we have been working on for a long time, in the light of the new crisis, instability and political uncertainty.
– To identify the conditions that would enable us to build new cultural, artistic and social common paths between Mediterranean shores.

The idea is to achieve a better understanding together in order to work better together.

This demanding programme began in Paris in December 2012 and travelled to Cairo in April 2013 in the framework of the D-CAF Festival, to Beirut in October 2013, to Marseille for the festival Instants vidéo in November 2013. Other stages will follow: Casablanca, Tunis… At each stop, the circle will open up to new contributors. Public debates aiming to disseminate analyses, listen to other viewpoints, critiques and new ideas will be organised.

The itinerary workshop Thought and Practice was established in 2012 at the initiative of the René Seydoux Foundation together with Héla Ammar, Isaías Barreñada, Roland Biache, Fanny Bouquerel, Claire Duport, Claudine Dussollier, Ahmed El Attar, Chérif Ferjani, Elizabeth Grech, Mohamed-Sghir Janjar, Marc Mercier, Naïk M’Sili, Kenza Séfrioui and Giovanna Tanzarella.

Thereafter, the collective pursues its journey and reflections.

The blog https://penseepratiques.wordpress.com/ is its tool for exchange.

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