Travel diary, Cairo

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In April 2013, the T&P collective travelled to Cairo on the occasion of the DCAF festival initiated by Ahmed el Attar, theatre director and founder of Studio Emad Eddin. Founding member of P&P, Ahmed El Attar wanted to provide a public space for debate on cultural exchanges during the festival. The collective decided to meet once again on this occasion.

The collective took this opportunity:
– To get together and confirm its fields of thought and work;

– To meet and interact with about twenty cultural actors in Egypt working on the ground and cultural operators and artists participating in DCAF: May Al-Ibrashy, Magdi Asham, François Cervantès, Hamed Dia, Hassan El Gueretly, Omar Nagati, Nada Sabet, Gianluca Solera, Beth Stryker, David Teevan, Stefan Winkler;
 to conduct a public debate in the framework of DCAF;

– To meet heads of organisations in charge of artistic and cultural development (Basma El Husseiny).

Particularly rich, warm and abounding in terms of exchange of ideas and analysis, these four days seemed to be too short to address the issues faced by civil society in Egypt.
When evaluating this second itinerary episode of the T&P workshop, it seemed necessary to start writing these “Travel diaries” in order to share our reflections inspired by these meetings in different places.
Another decision was taken, that of taking the time to work in small T&P groups in different cities where different members are based in order to conduct interviews with different civil society actors, write and prepare a more comprehensive, differently organised meeting.

The Blog must therefore become a point of reference and exchange in line with this itinerary workshop on the long term.


List of participants:

May AL-IBRASHY / Cairo / Architect, Megawra Project
Héla AMMAR / Tunis / Visual Artist
Magdi ASHAM / Cairo / Training Director, Jesuit Association
– Isaías BARREÑADA / Madrid / Political Scientist, University of Madrid
François CERVANTES / Marseille / Plaiwright, Theatre director, Cie l’Entreprise
Hamed DIA / Cairo / Project Director, Medrar
Claire DUPORT / Marseille / Sociologist
Claudine DUSSOLLIER / Paris, Marseille / Geographer, Author, Multimedia and Cultural Projects Manager, TransversCité
– Ahmed El ATTAR / Cairo / Theatre Director, Founder and General Manager, Studio Emad Eddin
Hassan El GUERETLY / Cairo / Theatre Director, El Warsha Theatre Troupe
Chérif FERJANI / Lyon, Tunis / Political Scientist, MOM, IRMC
Elizabeth GRECH / Paris / Translator, Project Manager, René Seydoux Foundation
Naïk M’SILI / Marseille / Co-Director, Instants Vidéos
Omar NAGATI / Cairo / Cairo Urban Initiatives
Brita PAPINI / Cairo / Coordinatrice of Tamasi, Project of SIDA
Agathe ROBERT / Paris / Junior Project Manager, René Seydoux Foundation
Nada SABET / Cairo / Theatre Director, Director, Meetphool
Kenza SEFRIOUI / Casablanca / Independent Journalist, Association Racines
Gianluca SOLERA / Alexandria / Former Network Coordinator, Anna Lindh Foundation
Beth STRYKER / Cairo, New-York / CLUSTER, Urban Initiatives
David TEEVAN / Dublin / Director, Junction Festival
Giovanna TANZARELLA / Paris / General Delegate, René Seydoux Foundation
Stefan WINKLER / Cairo / Coordinateur of Collaborative Projects / Goethe Institut

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